Who can hire Flintham Pavilion?
The pavilion is available for hire to all local groups, sports clubs and individuals.
At present the regular users are Flintham Cricket Club, Keep Fit, Flintham Velos, Table Tennis Club and until recently Mother and Toddler. Fortunately we also have a number of occasional lets which bring in significant income and consequently our books are balanced.

Did you know that Flintham pavilion belongs to all local residents?
The building belongs to Flintham Sports and Social Association, which is a committee made up of members representing local groups.  The pavilion has been built on sports field land owned by Flintham Parish Council. Our committee is long  established and we are looking to recruit new members willing to help with the management of the pavilion.
As a registered charity we have to schedule six meetings a year.  The majority of our business is linked with maintenance and administration.  Meetings are at present held bi-monthly on Wednesdays, and run from 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm.

Image of Flintham Village Sports and Social Association
Image of Flintham Village Sports and Social Association

Would you like to be involved ?
Our committee requires new members, especially those representing regular user groups.

Do you have any skills in the following areas :-
* Book-keeping / accounting
* Secretarial work
* Management
* Interpersonal aptitudes
* General day to day assistance



Support Flintham Pavillion

If you are able to offer us your support please contact one of the committee.

Kevin Ridley - Chair/Treasurer
Roy Simpson - Vice Chair
Caroline Aldrich - Secretary
David Cartledge
Jacqui Turrell
Mark Arthur
Mike Ansell
Mo Hemingway
Stephen Spencer


To check availability and to hire the Pavilion please contact:


For all other general enquiries please contact: