Flintham SeptemberFest - Celebrating all that's good about Flintham

The Flintham SeptemberFest was founded in 2017, thanks to a one-off Lottery grant.

The aim of the grant was to get people together to celebrate living in Flintham. And that's exactly what happened in 2017, 2018 and this year will happen again on Saturday 14 September 2019.

The SeptemberFest takes place at the Sports Field, in and around a 16m x 6m marquee which was bought with the original grant. It took several days to sort out and erect the marquee in 2017 but we know what we are doing now (or perhaps we are better at looking as though we know what we are doing!)

The marquee is available for hire to local residents and organisations and the fee helps to improve the event year on year.


Looking Forward to Flintham’s 2019 SeptemberFest?

Are you ready for this year’s SeptemberFest? It’s on Saturday 14 September at the sports field, Inholms Road, 1pm – ...
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SeptemberFest 2019 takes place on Saturday 14 September. As we prepare for the event, progress is given in regular newsletters ...
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