Notification of Casual Vacancy

NOTICE is hereby given in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1972 Section 87 (2) that a vacancy exists for a Parish Councillor in the parish of FLINTHAM.
If within 14 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holiday breaks) of the date of this notice, TEN electors for the electoral area giving notice in writing of a request for an election to fill the vacancy to the “proper officer” of the Borough Council (“proper officer” in this case is the Returning Officer), an election shall be held within sixty days beginning with the day on which public notice of the vacancy was given.
If not such notice is given, the Returning Officer will notify the parish council who may then fill the vacancy by co-option.
Further information may be obtained from either;

The Clerk of the Parish Council – (address as above)
The Returning Officer, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7YG

Dated: January 04, 2021

Download details here : Notification of Casual Vacancy Notice


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

National restrictions apply to England

  • You cannot meet socially with anyone indoors unless they’re in your support bubble.
  • There are changes to how many people you can meet outside
  • You must not travel in the UK or overseas, unless for a specific reason, like education, work or a caring responsibility
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable people are advised to stay at home, except for exercise or essential health appointments.



We are encouraging our community to download the what3words app on their phones in case they need to call 999.

Every 3m square has been assigned 3 words so that it makes it easier for services like the police or ambulance etc to find you as they can pick this up from your phone call.

The app is totally free to download and use, you can download it on iOS or Android here.

You can find a full list of those services that accept what3words on this link: three-words-for-a-faster-emergency-response. Your community could also use what3words to report incidents with organisations like National Grid, Network Rail and the Environmental Agency:

Please see the attached leaflet for information on how to use what3words.


The Free Tree Returns

The Free Tree Scheme initiative forms part of Rushcliffe authority’s strategy to provide further sustainable environments across communities in the Borough with the chosen tree species native to the Borough.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Communities Dave Mitchell said in 2019 when the scheme was first launched: “Thank you if you applied to the scheme, we are delighted with the response.

“There was also good interest in our tree warden scheme to protect and help trees to flourish in our towns and villages, so as ever we’re really pleased with Rushcliffe residents’ commitment to the environment.

“We hope that by increasing the number of trees in the Borough, as our communities grow, our green environments will continue to do so too and improve the quality of life for current and future residents.”

Download information

Parish News

Parish News

Flintham Parish Council is pleased to announce that the new edition of the newsletter for August 2020 is now available.

Please go to News or Click for News

Important Notice

Chairman of the parish council, David Cartledge, on advice from Rushcliffe Borough Council and in view of government legislation, confirms that the hand gate is now open to the Sports ground (not play park) to allow people to exercise around the perimeter of the field but not to go on the playing surfaces.

This will now make the 3rd defibrillator more easily accessible on the sports pavilion with the other two available at Coney Grey Spinny, & Flintham village hall.

Parish News

Key Workers’ Message

While the majority of public have got behind the national efforts, a small minority have committed assaults on key workers as they worked to protect the public.

This is our Key Workers' message to them.....


Flintham Coronavirus Plan – Taking care of each other

Flintham Parish Council has adapted its Emergency Plan and put in place a Support Plan. Every house in the parish has received a leaflet with details of what to do and who to contact for help during the coming weeks. Local co-ordinators are aware of neighbours in their area who may need assistance and new volunteers have come forward offering to do whatever is requested to assist the community.