Early morning Bird Walk delight

The Spring bird walk on 29th April was blessed this year with some beautiful sunny skies and despite the late arrival of most migrant species due to  unfavourable weather conditions, it didn’t spoil the the morning’s enjoyment.

The walk started at the bus turning area by the Spinney and progressed around the perimeter toward the footbridge over the main road. Despite the traffic noise, we could still pick out the beautiful refrain of a cock Song Thrush perched on a treetop within the scrub.


Crossing the footbridge, we entered the grounds of Flintham Hall, thanks once again to the generosity of Sir Robert Hildyard. A circular walk took us past the noisy rookery by the edge of the old road and into the woods round to the ice house to view the fields and lake to the south.

As the morning progressed we began to hear the familiar strains of our native birds including Wood Pigeon, Blackbird, Chaffinch, Great Tit and Wren, interspersed occasionally with  Blackcap and Chiffchaff; two species once restricted to summer visitation but which now commonly overwinter due to our milder climate. Other arboreal species such as Goldcrest, Treecreeper  and Coal Tit were also heard by us on our walk along with distant drumming of Great Spotted Woodpecker and the ‘Yaffle’ of its big brother, the Green Woodpecker.


The morning will be best remembered  for the wonderful carpet of Bluebells throughout the grounds and the decorative shrubs that Sir Robert pointed out to us to near the Hall before we strolled back to the North Lodge, returning to the turning circle through the main part of the Spinney -  hopefully a bountiful wildlife  environment that villagers will always be able to enjoy without future encroachment from building development.

(Photos by Phil Dewey)


Early morning Bird Walk delight