Museum volunteers have devised a series of activities about the 1960s which are used with people who have dementia. As a recognition of the work which the dementia team is doing, the museum is one of this year’s Co-op Community Fund projects and has currently raised £1050.

One of the most popular parts of the 1960s activity kits is a home made board game which has faces of famous people from the 1960s. The players choose a daisy shaped token with the name of a person written on it and the aim is to put the daisy on the correct photograph. The Daisy Game has stimulated memories and conversations and is very popular with both users and carers.

The dementia team decided that the Daisy Game could be made in a more durable format and available for use in care homes, especially as the money is available to produce it. A prototype has just been made from washable, durable and recycled plastics which is currently being taken to three local co-ops to show customers how their money is being used.

The prototype is at the museum so if you would like to have a go and help with the assessment of the game before it goes into production, call in on Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm.

Remembering the 1960s