VE Day 75 Years

Plans are being formulated nationally for events in May 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of the ending of WW2, and the parish council are looking for ways to join in the activities that will be taking place.

The council will welcome any suggestions from residents for ideas for activities and events that might be held in the village in order we can be part of the nation’s tribute to all those who gave their lives and those who kept the country running during the  most challenging times between 1939 and 1945.

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Neighbourhood Plan for Flintham

Wednesday 5 June, 6.30pm at the Sports Pavilion.

An informal presentation by Jenny Kirkwood of RCAN about the possibilities of organising and developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Flintham. Everyone welcome!

Jumble Sale

Jumble Sale on 15 June 2019 at East Bridgford Village Hall in aid of Flintham Primary School. If anyone has any jumble please contact Gail on 01636 525400/525371 and collection can be arranged.

Tree Wardens

Rushcliffe Borough Council are looking to appoint tree wardens in local parishes and are appealing for people to contact them to support their aim.

The Borough say they would hope to be able to appoint the wardens in every parish in their area, and are to launch their project at Rushcliffe Country Park at Ruddington on Saturday June 22, between 11.30am and 3pm.

Tree wardens can be appointed by their local parish council and would be the parish contact for all things tree related in their area. One of their jobs would be to report early signs of pest, disease and vandalism as well as gathering information, survey and record information about trees important for wildlife and the heritage of the parish. They would also be able to look out for opportunities to plant more trees in the local community, enhancing the environment for parishioners.

Mr Paul Phillips, the Environmental Sustainability Officer for the Borough, says he can be contacted on 0115 9148595 and he would be happy to pass on more information to anyone interested.

Footpath Obstruction

Notts County Council are asking local residents to inform them at 0115 977 4802 if they are aware of any public footpaths on arable land in the parish that are being obstructed by crops.

Senior Rights of Way Officer for the joint partnership,  Jane Baines, is anxious to ensure that obstructions do not take place and says they will write to any farmers who do not heed requests to rectify the position where blockage are allowed to occur. The County say that where obstructions do occur they will ask the farmers to remove them or the County Council will carry out the work and charge the farmer for it.

Booking  the Village Hall

To find out more about booking the Village Hall please contact us using the contact page on this website.

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Neighbourhood Plans

Tuesday 4 June
Presentation by Jenny Kirkwood Neighbourhood Plans. Time and venue to be confirmed. Everyone welcome

Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 28 May
Parish Council Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting at the village hall

Choir Concert

Saturday 18 May
St Augustine’s Church: First Concert performed by the Flintham Community Choir and the Primary School Choir.
Tickets £5 available at the Community Shop. Barbecue afterwards at the village hall, pay on the day